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Our Story

As a 22-year-old college student, I spend a lot of time working, staying afloat in my studies, and working towards the life that I envision for myself. Over the years, I have realized that while life has the tendency to pass us by quicker than we can keep up, something to never lose sight of is self care. Without it, you will find yourself slipping into a robotic routine of day-to-day tasks without ever stopping to realize how much you have gained and accomplished. 


I make an intentional decision each week to spend some time in my own presence and do things that are easy on the mind, relieving to the body, and healing to the soul. To one, this may include reading a good book. To another, this may include a warm bath with bath salts, dimmed lights, and their favorite Netflix show. To another, this may even include cleaning their home and lighting a candle to bring it all together. Whatever your self-care time looks like, I wanted to create something that could make it an experience to look forward to each time.

Suds and Lather Studio is a luxury home and body company that will begin with candles & our new botanical bath brew, and over time include something to satisfy everyone’s interests - body butters, bath salts, body scrubs, and more.

After you read this short summary of the meaning and passion behind Suds and Lather Studio, set aside some time to ponder on your successes, goals, and dreams. Never let your own health and happiness travel to the back burner, and remember that self care = self love.